Never trust a mirror For it always lies, It makes you feel that all your worth can be seen from the outside. Never trust a mirror It only shows you if you have spunky skin, You can’t see how your eyelids flutter, When you are drifting off to sleep. It doesn’t show you what the […]

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Have you ever peeped through the window in the midst of night? The wind passing by has something to tell you through… It peeks into your sad soul and tries whispering something deep There’s a truth that many don’t know About the world, after they are asleep. That the wind slips through your window to […]

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Empty spaces

Do you ever feel so empty? Like you are completely paralysed out of feelings, Too insensate to make a move? Completely dazed due to something, But remember if there’s empty space in your heart, They’ll make you think it’s wrong, But for me, empty spaces make a room in heart eventually, Which helps us grow […]

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Shoved away

When did we change, From sailing paper boats, And driving wooden trains. To this And when did we grow, From angels in the snow, Lot’s of things we didn’t know, To this Can you put your finger on the day, When we never again did play, Our childhood shoved away, To this And when did […]

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Experiencing is everything. You might want to be smart,act sensible , be wise but you don’t get educated about these. You learn from the instances , from the people who act around you , from experiences you learn. Which doesn’t happen overnight it takes time to know about the world , people. But one morning […]

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Some nights you feel like there are thousands of galaxies exploding in every inch of you, and you are burning too bright to ever be looked at directly , and some nights you feel impossibly small, like you can slip between atoms and never reappear again and some nights you feel like a paper doll, […]

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Little things matter

There is something special about being traumatized for a while. You stew about insignificant and crummy things which do not matter to you at all. And also wonder why do all these things worry so much. All thus consumes a whole lot of time in your life,but when your mind finally stops the flickering. That’s […]

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