You cannot expect those hundreds of smiles and laughter from the same person you gave innumerable🌾 Advertisements

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The saddest thing about love is that not only that it cannot last forever,but also the heartbreak is soon forgotten ~William Faulkner

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Now I know, What it is to be alone, And how it feels to be lonely. It is a very abstruse thought There were days I didn’t know the difference between alone & lonely.but now when I’ve been through all this I’m able to make out the contrast between the two. Alone is something we […]


That’s why I adore you

Sometimes I wonder why I adore you.You probably wonder why I adore you too. Some people might say something like,It’s because I like the way the light hits your face and your hair is perfect even on bad hair days.It’s because you’re so beautiful.Every inch of you is gorgeous.Your body is magic.I like when you […]

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As the day light dims, And it starts to fade out.. My conflagrant heart sets out, In search of ardour. In the unheard darkness of galaxiesđŸ’« In search of a solicitude mate, Who would lighten up my fate, In a life full of hodgepodge With whom I can share all of my perplexities, Without the […]

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That girl

I still remember the girl Lost and lonely, Whom none has seen closely. She used to cry alone Hoping everything would get along Telling herself that everything’s going to be ok She had no one to tell the can of worms No one who could understand her bummer🍃 Only she had to deal with all […]

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