you are not a fool

you are not a fool for giving so much to people and expecting a little in the end…….. we hold on to people for so many reasons , we hold on to people who cannot love us like we do to them, sometimes, we convince ourselves that the circumstances will change , that if we […]

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If there are days When your heart is soft From listening to the people Remember how far you’ve come How you are letting that heart grow With year’s and experiences of life Remember the journey you’ve taken And the progress you have made For every ounce of doubt, Remind yourself that you’ve Persisted throughout Like […]

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3 in the morning

You don’t really know someone Until you’ve talked to ’em At 3 in the morning 3 in the morning is When the words are most sincere And eyelids slowly sinking. The hour , When the most genuine thoughts and Opinions flow out. It is beautiful when you’ve someone by your side To tell them all […]

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Self love

First I went with my wordsAll the I cant’s, I wont ‘s, I am not good enough’sI lined them all up and shot them dead.Then I went to my feelingsThey were too much and too many, thatthey were actually gagging me up.Feelings called upon thoughtsone thought led to another and that led to two thoughts, […]

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The wind

You’re a wind that was sent upon me. I thought I’d never let you sink in Ideating things in hindsight . But there you were, Held too tight Objecting to sway wee bit When the wind came rough I held my heart, Trust me it was tough Contemplating if this wind wouldn’t take the air […]

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sunrise. And another day came When the different parts in your body have shut the lights off and went blind Eventually succumbing to the memories we made in the days when we hadn’t known abou’ the Empty promises . When there’s no way for air to escape through your lungs and you do not bother […]

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I loved you.

I loved you Not that I do not now , I’ll love you today , The next day , And the other days after the next. I’d loved you yesterday , The day before that , And many days before that day . I love you while I breath in and shove it out , […]

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You promised me the sun, Though I never asked for it. You promised me the ocean, Though I thought it best left where it was. You promised me wings, Your heart, A palace A lifetime of your face close to mine, Of your hand holding mine. A forever, Which I thought was as big as […]

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Are you ready?

You’re afraid of all these broken promises From all the people who said would never leave Sometimes you’re afraid of your own skin And the scars that run deep down the veins. How do you undo the pain? All over again? Are you ready Are you ready For someone who could turn you inside out? […]

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You know my heart♥

Oh louu ! You know my heart, you do. All the much we’ve been in and through, So many things ,through the thick and thin, Not known to any but us two. The nights that are lonely , and the days that crawl, The dreams that rise and the hopes get down. The steps we […]

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