Experiencing is everything. You might want to be smart,act sensible , be wise but you don’t get educated about these. You learn from the instances , from the people who act around you , from experiences you learn. Which doesn’t happen overnight it takes time to know about the world , people. But one morning […]

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Some nights you feel like there are thousands of galaxies exploding in every inch of you, and you are burning too bright to ever be looked at directly , and some nights you feel impossibly small, like you can slip between atoms and never reappear again and some nights you feel like a paper doll, […]

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Little things matter

There is something special about being traumatized for a while. You stew about insignificant and crummy things which do not matter to you at all. And also wonder why do all these things worry so much. All thus consumes a whole lot of time in your life,but when your mind finally stops the flickering. That’s […]

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We cling to music, to poems , to art , to quotes because we desperately do not want to be alone. We want to know that there’s someone else out there who feels the same way you do. And someone who could explain this to the world, the things you can’t . And also you […]

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You are so used to your features that you don’t know how beautiful you look to a strangerđź’š

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Sometimes when you don’t feel anything, or probably have no clue what to feel and go numb,are the days that make you stronger . But though after being through all the mess ,when I look back on the day when I again get into one of those moods. I never find myself strong and carefree […]

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Everyone can have their heart broken. Even if you know the relationship isn’t working and you’ve no clue what to do about it. It’s sad ! Even in a bad relationship they are a part of our life for a long time,and saying good bye to that can also be difficult

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