Let’s run away far from the city lights, Where no one knows our names .. We can see the sky at night, We’ll camp out in open Warming our skin out by five, I can’t promise to make you the best coffee, But you can bake me some apple cake pies, And by 1′ in […]

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I knew from the very start, You were a card from different pack, When our eyes met each other’s, I still remember how we gawked! From the first words you spoke to me I was already craving for more! We had our own infinity, Like I could sit with you and count the stars♥♥♥ I […]

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The thing about pain is, It won’t last forever insane, I know it kills you right now, But with time it always finds a way. The thing about scars is, That they settle with a heavy heart, I know with time some fade away… But some remain still in heart. The thing about today , […]

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Alone in the woods I wander in search of The magical whispers of old trees, Which I know will lead me to you🖤

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It was me and my shadow All the time I was low And Then came a Glow Like a Falling Snow She changed everything in me From Head to Toe It delights me how every time you try and fill in my sorrow, How,you always stand up for me like that’s your only motto, Now,with […]

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Okay so let’s set the record straight, No one makes me smile like the way you make me do. You walked in when it seemed like the rest of the world walked out You were there,you are there and I know you’ll be there , and no I’m not even going to thank you for […]


I lend everybody my ear, But nobody my heart♥ And I sure I would like to change that, But I don’t have anyone to trust! I smile more to myself, Than the world will ever see… Because the only time my smile is real, is in my own company! People don’t know how I feel […]

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